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Country House

We are so glad to know so many wonderful people, within our own church community and outside of it, who are willing to host Ukrainian refugees in their homes. We have been working with more than thirty hosts over the last six weeks and it has been good to meet you all.


We understand the sacrifice that it will take and the unknown that lies ahead and we (particularly those of us who cannot ourselves host) would like to support you in any way that we might be able. Below are some activities and groups that you might find helpful in and around Hereford, including our own Hosts Gathering.

We will be building up the resources listed on this page in the coming weeks.

Please also check our page of resources and groups which your Ukrainian guests might find useful, by clicking here.


Hosts Gathering.jpg

SPSJ Hosts Gathering

Our Hosts Gatherings happen each Monday evening, 7:30pm at St Peter's Church in Hereford city centre.

Hosts gather for mutual support, to network with one another, to receive lightweight short training sessions on topics such as mental health, safeguarding and trauma response.

A group of Ukrainians has begun to meet in the building at the same time, for conversation and support with our team, and any Ukrainian guests you would like to bring along would be more than welcome.


Hereford Help for Ukraine

Based out of Unit 37 on the Three Elms Trading Estate, Hereford Help for Ukraine are the first place you need to take your guests, to receive their arrival money and get signposted to a whole load of other great resources.

Contacting them through their Facebook page, or dropping in, are the easiest ways to get in touch.

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