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Just a story?

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this at the beginning of this Holy Week although you might not be seeing it until we reach, what some might call, the climax of the weeks’ events in the church calendar. Last Friday, I had the privilege of standing in the wind and drizzle to hand out over 60 paper bags with activities for children and their families to engage with each day this week, to learn about the events leading up to Jesus’ death. These are all accompanied each day by a video sharing the activity and the next part of the story.

It’s easy, working with children, to call the events of this week just that- a story. But the reality is far from it. What happened over 2000 years ago has changed the course of millions of people’s lives, including my own, in the many years that have followed. I wonder though, whether you view it as a story, or do you, like me, see it as something so much more.

And this isn’t just a story either. Whether you believe it, you’re a bit sceptical or have questions, why not join us this Sunday at any of our services to explore or celebrate this truth!

Heather Martin

(Children, Youth and Digital Lead)


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