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The Evil Within’s thrills aren’t just the creatures who lurk in the shadows, though; through clever lighting and cinematography, The Evil Within 2 loves playing visual tricks on players with paintings that turn into hallways, hanging corpses that change positions when you’re not looking, and all manner of other unsettling deceptions.

Twinfinite’s 2017 review sums up The Evil Within 2 by highlighting that it’s a “thoughtfully constructed horror rollercoaster ride that strikes a delicate balance between giving the player the power to fight back, and also making them realize that sometimes, all those guns and gear won’t save you from the terrors you can’t understand.”

System Shock 2

The OG ‘immersive sim,’ System Shock is the godfather of some of the games industry’s most acclaimed titles, including Thief, Deus Ex, and BioShock. You can absolutely see judi slot online jackpot terbesar di dunia the lineage of System Shock in those games, except none of them were anywhere near as frightening. System Shock 2 is like BioShock meets Aliens, as a malevolent AI named SHODAN has taken control of a desolate space station whose inhabitants have been mutated into creatures who are collectively known as the Many.

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