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It’s easy. You can make your own video and share it with others.Q: Modify API request post body to set the email address on Devise User model I am using devise gem to create an user account. I want to set email address on user model so that email will be used as the unique identifier instead of the username. I used following code to add the email to User model. def set_email = self.username.downcase end But, it changes the email as well as the username. I just want to set the email. A: Your method is correct in what it is doing. It is assigning a value to the email attribute but also changing the username. You want to do something like: self.username = self.username.downcase = self.username or = Check out the Devise Wiki PHILADELPHIA -- A Pennsylvania man who was convicted of killing two drug dealers after he was caught on camera conspiring to rob them of $20,000 is still at a holding cell in the same prison where he first learned he would be serving two life sentences. The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Robert H. Shannon Jr., 47, has been at the city's Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility for about three months and is scheduled to be sentenced April 12. Last December, Shannon was caught on a security camera asking a drug dealer and a friend to "do a drive-by" to a house where they were supposed to take $20,000. The two men sold marijuana and heroin to the house's occupants and then shot the two women after the drug dealers left, killing them. Get Breaking News Delivered to Your Inbox Another inmate can be heard on a cellphone video saying that Shannon was "the first guy I killed, bro." "I was like, 'Damn, they shot my woman. We going to hit the house? There was six of us,'" Shannon told the friend on the video. Shannon was convicted of two counts of murder, felony murder and



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Vector Nti Advance 11.5 Keygen Torrent schoswa
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